About the centre...

Mission. Promote and encourage the integration and creativity of the inhabitants of Sayulita, especially children, and contribute to the construction of a community in harmony with ourselves and with nature; be a social and sustainable space where the appreciation, development and exchange of artistic, cultural, sports and crafts activities are celebrated.


Vision. To be the cultural and creative center of Sayulita where the values ​​of their predecessors are recognized and practiced; a sustainable space of integration, recreation and learning in an environment of harmony, respect and equality in the community and of the natural environment.




The Sayulita Creative Center started activities in February 2017, when children's films were broadcast in the garage of the house of one of its founders. The day was complemented by a painting class, popcorn for children and lots of fun.


A few months later, the Center got the support of the Rodríguez Trujillo Family, originally from Sayulita, who provided enough space to build a small Cultural Center. At the time that the founders were established as a non-profit association (Sayulita Alegre A. C.).


Since July 2017, the Center has its facilities within the Trujillo Quintas. The Creative Center is made up of a group of multidisciplinary professionals with experience in social work who are in charge of all the activities that take place there.


Throughout this time there have been activities such as: acrobatics shows, puppet making workshops, theater workshops, clothing design workshops, martial arts, soccer, surfing, water rescue, stencil and graffiti workshop, classes in piano and ukulele, to mention just a few.


In addition, we worked with the community offering architectural advice for the construction of their houses, participated in activities with the Damián Carmona Public School, with the Ignacio Altamirano Public School and with the Costa Verde College.